The World Jewish Adventist Friendship Center is a multinational organization dedicated to fostering mutual respect, dialogue, understanding, education and research between Israel and the church, especially between Jews and Adventists. The closeness and similarities between Adventism and Judaism (Style of life, Sabbath, Messiah etc.) give them the unique opportunity to generate interfaith dialogue at the highest levels, bringing together Jewish and Adventist leaders and renowned scholars.

Many Jews now recognize that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel. The World Jewish Adventist Friendship Center therefore provides a place within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination for every Jew who is waiting for the second coming of Jesus our Messiah to worship God in the context of their faith without denying their own culture.

These congregations are called:
- "Beth Bnei Tzion"
- "Beth Bnei Shalom"
- or in a simpler way Jewish-Adventist synagogues.

This site is owned and maintained by the World Jewish Adventist Friendship Center, which is active all over the world through the Adventist network. Its headquarters is in Jerusalem, Israel.

We hope you will enjoy your visit.

Richard Elofer
World Jewish Adventist Friendship Center Director