Day of Joy for Miriam
A story told by Ady, pastor in Israel

On May 15, 2013 we had a very happy immersions (tevilot) day at Yardenit (a tradition mikveh), thee people accepted Yeshua and were immersed in the Jordan River, two of them Israelis.

The real climax of that day was the decision of Miriam, a lady of 75 years-old who accepted he tevilah (immersion). For more then 30 years she knew the Seventh-day Adventists, and for all this time was a long fight in order to achieve this decision. Each time she was close to it, a relative succeeded to discourage her or Satan bursted over her with sickness or terrible accidents, just to discourage her. 

Even this time, just two days before her tevilah or immersion, she was taking a bus to her doctor appointment, and felt on the bus stairs, broke right knee and splint her right ankle. The driver started to apologize, afraid of a legal complain, but she told him to be in peace, she will be immersed on the shabbat and she won't be going to the Mikveh with such a think on her conscience. 

They were talking loud in the bus, and everybody asked what was she taking about? Was she a Jew or not? She confirmed that long as she remember, five generations before her, everybody were Jews, but she is the first to be an Adventist Jew, believing in Jesus as the Mashiah that all the Jews ever expected. And the God of Israel and the whole Earth, empowered her to be immersed in spite of her suffering. 

She asked pastor Lascu to come from Belgium for this special occasion (Pastor Lascu was pastor in Israel for 10 years before going to continue his ministry in Belgium) and to immerse her in the name of Yeshua.  We praise the Almighty for his blessing upon his people.